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Adjusting to the New Normal (Again?!)

There was a point last spring where things were getting back to normal. The masks were slowly coming off and we were seeing each other’s smiles again! I remember the joy of being able to confidently hug my loved ones, go see a concert, and spend time with friends that I had not seen for an extended […]

Plants Are My Pets

One year ago when the first cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Connecticut, my emotions went from excited (“Corona-cation”) to confused to nervous to petrified to disheartened within a course of just a few days. Thinking back to those days, where we all experienced together this sense of panic and the overwhelming feeling of lacking […]

My therapist recommended mindfulness… How cliche.

My therapist recommended mindfulness.. How cliche. These were actual thoughts of mine (yes ME, a therapist who recommends mindfulness to many of his own clients), though these thoughts were many years ago when I was in college, experiencing anxiety, and going to therapy to develop strategies to reduce these symptoms. I basically rolled my eyes […]

Weekend Wind Down, Why?

Greetings from Alyssa and Project Thrive CT. It’s Sunday evening, the weekend is literally winding down to a few final hours. The days are all blending together these past few weeks, but it seems Sunday evening will always feel like Sunday evening. I am ready to take my own recommendation and settle into some breathing […]