Shayla Mattesen provides therapeutic services to children, adolescents, and young adults. She prioritizes building a safe, trusting environment to foster growth, healing, and positive change. Shayla supports clients working through trauma, anxiety, depression, loss and grief, ADHD, and personal development. She brings passion and creativity into her sessions, with options to heal through dance, music, drawing, and other expressive art forms.

Shayla also works with women with ADHD, focusing on the gender-specific challenges and stigmas that neurodivergent women experience. She can help identify the ways ADHD impacts different areas of your life, validate your unique experiences, and integrate coping skills and tailored resources into your daily routines.

Shayla has a background in education, and has worked as a special education teacher. She closely understands the way the pandemic and changing world has impacted youth and families today. In her therapeutic work with children and teens, Shayla values family collaboration. She also values individualization of services to ensure each client receives customized support. Shayla looks forward to working together with you, or your child, on the brave journey towards increased happiness and healing.

Shayla Mattesen


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