Samantha Nunes is a provider who believes that, with the right fit, therapy can be for everyone. While she enjoys processing with clients through traditional talk therapy, she also sees the benefit in incorporating creative outlets, movement, play, and other tools in both sessions and your everyday life. Whether you’re looking for support in better understanding yourself, navigating your healing journey, coping with your mental health, life’s transitions, trauma responses, relationships, self esteem or developing healthier coping skills, Samantha is here to help you reach your goals, create the future you envision for yourself, and ultimately thrive. We all deserve a safe space to be seen and heard without judgement; congratulations on your first step in seeking support!


Samantha has a background in social work, serving diverse populations in school systems across CT and MA; she has offered individual, group and family work to those ranging from pre-k all the way through higher education. She is delighted to now offer support in a therapeutic setting to children, adolescents and young adults struggling with a range of social, emotional and behavioral challenges. 

Samantha Nunes


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