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Checking in With Your Kids

Hello Everyone! Welcome to week number 3! Can you believe we made it this far? This week, we will be talking about connecting with our children. I know that we  were spending time with our children before this pandemic occurred. But our time spent most likely consisted of getting our kids to sport and various […]

Self Care

Hi Everyone! Welcome! Last week, we briefly touched on self care, in terms of  normalizing, validating and affirming our feelings and today we will go into more detail. But first, I want to strip it back a little bit. When you think of self-care, you may think of hobbies, baths, meditation, etc. Today I want […]

Your Feelings Are Valid

Hi all! In this post I want to bring our feelings to the forefront. I am giving you permission to no longer suppress them or hide behind our daily to do list. This post is about making you and your feelings a priority.  So how do we accomplish that? Well, the first thing is being […]