Thriving means uncovering your strengths and talents, it means releasing negative experiences and thoughts and creating positive change, it means finding energy, hope and joy. Thriving becomes easier with a little guidance, some hard work, and lots of support.

This is your time to connect, to vent, to learn. We are in this together. First, we will take a few sessions to get to know you, your goals and your history. Next, we get to work, and may include writing, breathing exercises, homework and reflection. We may decide together to take our work outdoors, use walk and talk therapy or try some yoga and meditation. While we focus on the importance of social supports, therapy is much different than just a conversation with a friend.

Maternal Mental health

The adjustments around fertility, pregnancy and parenting are often overshadowed by the excitement of the process. But becoming a new mom changes relationships, friendships, career. Life. Therapy can help you connect with yourself, your partner and your child; while also providing a space to be honest about the challenges and changes. So whether you’re thinking about becoming a mom, working through fertility concerns, pregnant, or a new mom, therapy can help you find support and guidance.

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Young adults

Making the jump into college life or adulthood can be a challenge, especially when anxiety, depression or trauma is thrown into the mix. The good news? There is help.

Contact us to see how we might be able to help. We aim to help you worry less about the past or the future and enjoy each day right now by helping you to strengthen your coping skills, support system and relaxation skills.

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Kids and teens

It’s not easy to be a kid or teen. Stress, depression, anxiety, social and behavioral challenges and trauma are the reality for many of our kids and families. Our clinicians can help your child and family learn coping, communication and social skills, as well as skills to manage stress and emotions.

We provide individual and family therapy, and collaborate with schools, medical and psychiatric providers and other community services in order to support you and your family.

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We understand that it is not always easy to get to the office due to illness, work, weather, childcare and global pandemics. We are still here to help and can talk with you while you are in the comfort of you own home. Each of our therapists offer convenient video sessions that are covered by Anthem, Cigna, Husky and Aetna.

Contact us with any questions and to see how we might be able to help. We offer flexible hours and a HIPAA compliant program that works with a computer, tablet or smartphone. We offer Telehealth appointments for kids, teens and adults.

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