Alyssa Pierre-Louis, LCSW, brings energy and creativity to her counseling sessions. Along with clinical social work, she has a background in yoga, nutrition, and fitness and has used each on her own wellness journey.

Alyssa’s practice has evolved over time, and she works with women struggling with the adjustments that come with pregnancy, new motherhood and infertility. She also works with anxious young adults. Alyssa holds a Master’s degree in Applied Nutrition, with a focus on the connection between nutrition and mental health.

She is a trained yoga instructor with a focus on using yoga to manage anxiety. She is a member of Postpartum Support International and is a certified Perinatal Mental Health provider.

Alyssa hopes to help you find your strength, energy and peace.

Alyssa Pierre-Louis


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Alyssa Pierre-Louis, Certified Perinatal mental health Professional