Happy New Year! I had this overwhelming desire to show up for you guys today and write a note to celebrate the end of 2020. I know it has been a while since my last post, but, with all 2020 has brought with various stressors, quarantine and the Coronavirus- it simply hasn’t been on my mind. However,  I was compelled to reach out to you guys today. I suppose the point of me doing this is to do a check in. An end of year wrap up. How did we all fare? I am sure some of us are better than others. I am sure some of us are just barely hanging in there. I am also sure that many of us have experienced significant losses. 

Let’s take the time to take a deep breath together. To accept what 2020 has brought, the good- the bad-the ugly, as well as, the many blessings. I would like to really acknowledge that though the year 2020 was HELL for many people, there were also triumphs and ways which have embraced ourselves and our families more than we ever have. The time spent with family has been a blessing. The time allotted to really get to know ourselves (whether we wanted to or not) and how was endure, cope with and handle life’s curveballs/stressors. Who am I as a person? I can speak personally and say that 2020 has given me the opportunity to explore that question in ways that I never thought possible. I have been able (as many others have) to really get in touch with what matters in life. Is it going to the nine to five job, seven days a week? Is it going non-stop and pushing myself to the break every day because that is the only measure of success? Or is it taking a step back and reflecting, allowing yourself to see the bigger picture? Is it slowing down enough to see your family for who they truly are? To spend time, to be present, to be in the moment. For me, that discovery has been the biggest blessing. And, I know that scenario can be different for everyone and not everyone is going to have the same positive relationships with their family members. Or for those who have been isolated through this have sincerely struggled. I want to recognize those people and commend you. I hope you have discovered that you are more resilient than you know. You are strong, You are powerful. You are getting through.

Now, with that being said, GOOD RIDDANCE 2020, let’s be done with you! Let’s look on to 2021 and what this new year, a new potential can bring for us. I do not want to push 2020 under the rug and bury our heads to pretend it never happened, because it did! And it will have a lasting impact on all of us who have gone through it. But, how do we develop ourselves further and become a better version of ourselves having been through what we have been through in 2020? How can we use 2020 to drive us to be more secure in our finances or  to be more physically/mentally fit (if that is what you desire)? How do we engage in self preservation? How do we ensure that we are stopping, taking a breath and being in the moment more often than not and that we are doing this not because we are forced to do so because of quarantine but instead, we genuinely know it is for the betterment of ourselves and our happiness? How can we use 2021 for the betterment of ourselves? That is the theme.

Again, I am aware the answer to the preceding question will be different for everyone. Is it starting therapy? Is it reaching out to your therapist who you haven’t seen in a while? Is it setting new year resolutions? Is it actually following through on the resolutions which you have set? It is all up to the individual, but the hope is, that we do not take 2021 for granted. It is my hope that we embrace 2021 and use this new year to our advantage rather than becoming blindsided by another year! Again, I want to say to all of you how proud I am of you for getting through 2020 and how hopeful I am that in the next year you will continue to see resilience within yourselves and you will find the happiness which you have been seeking! Blessings, Megan Turner


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