Hello Everyone! Megan here. I am coming to you all with an idea to put together a blog to open up the discussion regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19). I do not mean the things that you are hearing about on the news, social media or around the kitchen table. I mean having an open and honest conversation with ourselves. How are we feeling? I want to normalize and validate your feelings around this chaotic time. I feel that we are all the new definitions of superheroes. We went from wearing maybe one or two hats (i.e. mother, employee, student, cook, caretaker, etc) to now juggling many. I know for me personally, I have gone from a working professional and mom to now being all of that plus a pre-k teacher, emotional support for my spouse, housekeeper, etc. I know there are days where we all feel like,“ I’ve got this!” and then there are days which we truly struggle. For me personally, I always look for resources which I feel can pull me out of funk and I am hoping that is what this blog can be for you.

The premise of this blog is to provide resources; as well as, facilitate a deep, honest and raw discussion with ourselves. We will aim to give you permission to no longer suppress your feelings around the Coronavirus but instead to embrace and normalize them in order to develop better strategies to sustain during this “new normal”.  Follow me along this series. Whether you prefer to watch or read in your leisure, we’ve got you covered. This entire series can also be found on our youtube page and also is for any and everyone. Please have no hesitation in sharing with others should you feel it’d be beneficial.

Future entries include:

  • Week One: Validating and normalizing your own feelings surrounding Coronavirus. Utilizing positive affirmations when experiencing self doubt. Challenging negative self-talk to develop a more realistic thought process and develop strategies to persevere through this chaos that is now life. Are our expectations of ourselves and our daily lives realistic? How can we better organize our time and our expectations to prevent burn out? 
  • Week Two: Self-Care (eating well, exercise, alone time, relaxation, time for you). Making yourself a priority in this time of chaos. Parents, you need to also prioritize yourselves in order to continue at full throttle as we are now parents, employees, teachers and more. We need to take care of ourselves in order to be emotionally and physically available to the ones that need us the most.
  • Week Three: Check in with your kids. Set aside the school works and daily routine. Play a game, do an art project. Be in the moment and allow them an opportunity to confide in you! This  is tough for us as adults, let’s not forget about the massive amounts of confusion, fear and anger our children may be experiencing due to the loss of attending school, graduation, prom, seeing friends and being involved in extracurricular activities.
  • Week Four: Speaking from the heart as a spouse of a first responder. How to cope/ support our spouses with their constant exposure and stress while maintaining our own emotional well-being.
  • Week Five: Let’s do a personal check in with ourselves. How are we holding up? Give yourselves some positive praise and credit! We are doing this and it is not easy! We are all the new definitions of superheroes. Also, let’s review your feedback throughout the past four weeks and use your input to structure our upcoming vlogs/blogs!

It is my hope that you will find at least one or more of these topics interesting. I am looking forward to chatting with you all every week and to provide resources, support and a friendly face through the uncertain times ahead.

The first video has been released. Check it out on youtube. I hope to see you all there! We can and will get through this together!

Let’s have a great week!

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